2017.09.15 | Public/media

Report on long time series of measurements at Villum Research Station

The report "AMAP Core - Atmospheric Part from 1990 to 2015" has been published in September 2017

Solar cells at Villum Research Station, Station Nord. Photo: Poul Riis Jørgensen, Station Nord.

2017.08.09 | Public/media

Solar cells at Villum Research Station, Station Nord

56 solar panels have been installed and are already providing all the electrical power that the station needs.

2017.05.19 | Public/media

Annual report for 2016 is available

The second annual report of Villum Research Station - for the year of 2016 - has been published in May 2017. It contains various articles on the research at the station.

The Penguin B drone

2017.03.23 | Public/media

Penguin B Drone for Villum Research Station

Aarhus University is ready with the first drone for climate studies near the North Pole

Sunrise near Villum Research Station. Photo: Christel Christoffersen

2016.11.04 | Public/media

Hygroscopic properties of atmospheric particles in the Arctic

Preliminary results from a campaign at Villum Research Station in spring 2016 were reported in the August issue of the Danish journal “Dansk Kemi”.

2016.06.08 | Public/media

Documentary film

A new documentary film tells the story of the construction of Villum Research Station.

2016.05.19 | Public/media

Annual report 2015 is available

The first annual report of Villum Research Station - for the year of 2015 - has been published in May 2016.

Transportation of instruments on snow mobile and sledge to the monitoring house. Photo: Heikki Junninen
The extreme weather conditions at VRS during the field campaign. The SP-AMS is seen in the back of the picture with two men running on each side of it. Photo: Heikki Junninen
The SP-AMS installation in the monitoring house at VRS. Photo: Nina Sarnela

2016.03.21 | Public/media

On field campaign with a new state-of-the-art instrument

Account of a field trip by Ingeborg Elbæk Nielsen - PhD Student at Department of Environmental Science, AU

2015.07.10 | Research news

Villum Research Station indviet tæt på Nordpolen

Topmoderne forskningsstation skal på nærmeste hold følge de voldsomme klimaforandringer i Arktis. Klimaforskere fra hele verden har booket ophold på stationen

The Villum Research Station in Greenland will be inaugurated on 8 July 2015. Photo: Stephan Bernberg

2015.06.26 | Research news

Inauguration of Denmark’s and Greenland’s most northerly research station

The Villum Research Station in Greenland is set to be officially inaugurated on 8 July 2015. The Arctic research station, which primarily deals with climate research, is located north of the Arctic Circle in the north-eastern corner of Greenland.