Access to the facility

The Villum Research Station Secretariat provides travels to/from Villum Research Station as package solutions, including full board at the station, for scientists wishing to do research at the station. The station is open for access throughout the year. Under normal conditions travels to/from Station Nord is via Longyearbyen on Svalbard (Norway). Occasionally, the Villum Research Station Secretariat might however decide to accomplish your transport to Station Nord with military aircrafts flying out of Aalborg, Denmark.

If you are planning to visit Villum Research Station you must complete the application form, including relevant appendices, to provide all pertinent information to the Villum Research Station Secretariat ( at Department of Environmental Science, Aarhus University. The application form shall be submitted at least four month in advance of your planned stay at Villum Research Station. Before filling in the application form we kindly advice you to read the Villum Research Station Site Manual and to check the Villum Research Station Price List for current prices (below).

After receipt, the application form will be evaluated by the Villum Research Station Scientific Advisory Board. Once your stay at Villum Research Station has been accepted, the Villum Research Station Secretariat will start arranging practicalities in relation to your stay at the station in cooperation with you.

Villum Research Station is situated within the National Park of North and Northeast Greenland and in a remote part of Greenland and access is therefore regulated in accordance with legal stipulations issued by The Greenland Government and The Government of Denmark in different Executive Orders. The Villum Research Station Secretariat will help you obtaining the relevant permits to travel to/from Villum Research Station and to stay in the National Park of North and Northeast Greenland. You are however obliged to take care of your Search and Rescue Insurance and any other relevant insurances yourself, and in case you need dispensations from Greenland legislation in relation to your scientific activities it is also your own responsibility to pertain these.

Please notice that applying for access to Villum Research Station presupposes that the applicant and co-workers comply with the regulations and conditions stated in the Site Manual. Please also notice that staying at Station Nord is at your own responsibility.

A map of Greenland with description of relevant infrastructure in the nearest surroundings to Station Nord is available on the website ISAAFFIK Arctic Gateway (opens in new window).

Forms and price list

Concerning Appendix C and D only one of them needs to be filled in. See item 13 in the application form for details.

In order to apply you must be acquainted with the Site Manual of Villum Research Station.