Picture gallery

Installation of solar panels at Villum Research Station - summer 2017

After the inauguration July 2015

Documentary film of the construction of Villum Research Station

Construction of the station in 2014 - time lapse movie

Villum Research Station was constructed in summer 2014. This time lapse movie shows the construction
of the Researchers’ house. One month of footage is compressed to a little over one minute.

Click to see full screen version on Vimeo (Science Media Lab).

CRAICC campaign, 2015

The campaign in the framework of the Nordic Centre of Excellence “Cryosphere Atmosphere Interaction in a Changing Climate”. Lead by Mikko Sipilä, University of Helsinki and Henrik Skov, Aarhus University

Arctic Science Partnership Campaigns, 2015

Leg 1 of the three campaigns of Arctic Science Partnership in 2015; Scientific Coordinator: Dr. Lise-Lotte Sørensen, Aarhus University

Leg 2 of the Three campaigns of Arctic Science Partnership in 2015; Scientific Coordinator Professor Feiyue Wang, University of Manitoba, Canada