3rd Villum Research Station Open Workshop

Held at the Royal Danish Academy of Science and Letters in central Copenhagen.

The ~40 attendees included a mix of international scientists, technicians, logistics experts, and representative of the Greenland Government; they gathered to share findings and discuss outcomes of projects hosted at Villum Research Station during the previous two years.

The Workshop programme was built around the premise that to assess future changes to the Arctic environment, including potential climate “tipping points”, will require a genuine cross-disciplinary approach, with researchers engaging in areas of science beyond their primary focus area. This approach is something which the regular Villum Workshop is ideally-placed to facilitate.

Plenary sessions, as well as poster presentations, spanned the 1 ½ day meeting, with topics as diverse as greenhouse gas observations, albedo-impact of microbes in ice, fluvial transfer of carbon from melting glaciers, sources of new atmospheric aerosol particles, Arctic cloud studies, and palaeontology.

A presentation of the new drone technology available at Villum was also made. While the research presented at the Workshop has been conducted at Villum Research Station, or the nearby environs, the Workshop is open to all, and researchers who have never been to Villum are warmly welcome to attend future events.

The 4th Villum Research Station Open Workshop will be held in early 2022 – watch this space!

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